Our fineBook “Ko Shibasaki Lyrical* World” nominated for the Ebook Award 2013 by the JEPA



Our first fineBook “Ko Shibasaki Lyrical* World” was nominated for the Ebook Award 2013 by JEPA (Japan Electronic Publishing Association). This award is offered to the products which contributed the most to the growth of the electornic publishing industry every year.

List of the Ebook Award 2013 nominees – JEPA





Our fineBook was nominated for the “Super Contents Award”, with the following reason:

“This is a content that fully took advantage of the interactivity bythe  EPUB3 format. It contains many interesting features like those reacting to readers’ actions, or some graphical expression of text contents. Digital book is often compared negatively to paper book, but this content showed us its great possibility in a positive way.”

Which nominee will receive the award will be decided based on the public votes input here by December 5th, 22:00 Japan Time.

Your vote will be highly appreciated!