Production of a catalogue raisonné of an exposition of the Dance Paint artist Saori Kanda


ARCO produced a catalogue raisonné of an exposition by Saori Kanda, a Dance Paint artist, taking place at the Seibu department store in Shibuya from December 27th 2013 till January 9th 2014.

In this catalogue raisonné, all her works presented in the exposition can be seen with videos of creating scene, photographs and texts. The iPads with the catalogue raisonné installed in are exhibited at the 1st and 8th floors of the store.


On December 28th, a talk event was hold with various artists as guests, and our CEO Nobuhiko Ohtsuki, who is also a photographer, was invited as well. Nobuhiko talked about his photograph work as well as the catalogue raisonné , he presented how the EPUB technology helped to fully and deeply describe Saori Kanda’s artistic style called “Life Paint” (this is her own style of painting and dancing at the same time) . Many visitors looked interested to see the catalogue on iPad.

saorikanda_3From left, our CEO Nobhiko Ohtsuki, Eldo Yoshimizu (animator),  Saori Kanda, Taromix (DJ), Tetsuya Ishii (film director)

The catalogue raisonné will be available for download soon.

For more information about the exposition, please check the article below.

 This is a start of a new story “LIFE ALIVE”  | Hi-Bit Magazine




A live event of Life Paint will take place at the Seibu department store on January 1st 2014 from 2:00pm.