Support of the presentation by Nissan Motors Co., Ltd. COO


At the event “Smart City Week 2013” organized by Nikkei BP and taken place on October 22nd 2013 at Pacifico Yokohama,  we supported the Keynote Lecture “City Innovation by Electric Vehicle” by the COO Mr.Shiga of Nissan Motors Co., Ltd..

About the conference – Smart City Week 2013
The City Innovation by Electric Vehicle…



Based on the interviews on the concept of the presentation, we created the structure, the contents and the story of the presentation. The material was provided to the client in our fineBook format.

On the day of the lecture, Mr.Shiga did a presentation with his iPad with that fineBook installed in. He talked showing the fineBook very smoothly, which helped to make his presentation vivid and successful.

With the rich expression by fineBook and the good tempo talk of Mr.Shiga, his presentation managed to attract the audience much better than any other presentations made with other companies’ software.